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Work-Ready Vehicles

Jefferson Chevrolet is dedicated to keeping your business moving, because we understand that vehicle downtime leads to lost revenue. We offer a diverse lineup of work-ready Chevrolet trucks and vans available for sale at a moment's notice. And if a specific truck or van isn't in stock, we will locate and deliver a vehicle quickly, helping you get back to business ASAP.

Dependable Chevy pickup trucks are ready to get to work. Many are equipped with vocational upfits1 from special vehicle manufacturers. The inventory includes:

Chevrolet Silverado
Chevrolet Express
GMC Sierra
GMC Savana

Our sales consultants can help business owners take advantage of the great Chevrolet Incentives. These offers are  valuable options when purchasing or leasing an eligible Chevy  vehicle for business.

Professionally Trained Sales Staff

At Jefferson Chevrolet we feature a professionally trained sales staff dedicated to serving the unique needs of our business customers. We are expert consultants, working with you to find the perfect vehicle for the job.


With vast expertise in vans and cutaways, chassis cabs, pickups and vocation-specific upfits, our salespeople will spec out a vehicle to meet your business needs.

A vehicle matched to your vocational needs will perform better — with optimal acceleration, braking and handling — and help to avoid premature wear and tear on tires, springs, engine and transmission.


We look at the big picture — and understand that your time is valuable.  Count on us to offer you solid advice on valuable incentives, and valuable options when you purchase or lease an eligible Chevy vehicle for business use.

Jefferson Chevrolet is a Champion Bus Dealer
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Champion Bus Construction

The body has a steel cage construction. When the sidewalls, floor, and roof are welded together, they form a strong, durable structure.

 The back wall has a 1.5" x 1.5" 16-gauge tubular steel frame, reinforced with 16-gauge “C" channel. A section of 16-gauge Z-channel is welded to the bottom of the back wall.

The floor frame is constructed of 11-gauge, 2" x 2.8" x 2" channel cross members, on maximum 34" centers, with an outer 14-gauge channel steel impact rail. 11-gauge, 4" flat steel is provided to support the floor track. The wheel wells consist of 16-gauge galvanized steel welded to the floor cross members. Any wheelchair tie downs are attached through 11-gauge 4" flat steel welded in the appropriate locations on the floor. The floor frame is secured to the chassis frame in accordance with the chassis manufacturer's requirements.

When the sidewalls, floor, and roof are welded together, they form a continuous structure, which is extremely strong and durable. 

The cage shall be built as a complete assembly and shall be square, plumb and level before installing the body on the chassis.


 The sidewalls are constructed of 1.5" x 1.5" 16-gauge tubular steel studs and corner posts on maximum 48" centers. A 14-gauge, 1-1/2" x 2" tubular horizontal stringer is welded to the top of the studs. A 16-gauge Z-rail is welded to the studs at the bottom of the sidewall.

The roof consists of 1.5" x 1.5" 16-gauge tubular steel rafters installed on maximum 48" centers. The roof rafters are welded into two 16-gauge steel “U" shaped sidewall caps.   As required, additional reinforcement of the front cap structure and a truss is added 6 inches from the rear of the bus.  The rafters, in conjunction with two 16-gauge C channels,  form a “steel cage" type of construction.

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